Caramel Wishes And Chocolate Dreams

Nandy’s Candy provides a sweet spot for families to slow down and connect over handmade confections.

Holiday Decor Outside The Box

Artist and designer, Kim Duease, shares her tips for adding some color and whimsy to your holiday decor that’s everything but boring.

City Lighting Traditions Delight Crowds

Mississippi cities continue to grow their holiday lighting traditions around events for the whole family. We highlight three cities that are a can’t miss this year.

From the Seed Of An Idea To A Community

Since 1981, The Mustard Seed has grown to fulfill the lives of its residents and volunteers alike.

A Modernization Of Traditionalism

Drawing inspiration from ecclesiastical, military, and antique pieces, Nancy Price gives artifacts a second life in her Aura Jewelry Collection.

Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease

Local program uses rigorous exercise, non-contact boxing, and the encouragement of participants and trainers to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Building Character: The Set Design Of Wes Hanson

From the movie sets of Hollywood to the stage in USM’s Theater and Dance Department, Wes Hanson is a man who welcomes a challenge.


Taming The Wild With Handmade Heirlooms

efore written language, humans conversed with the wild. Hunters mimicked the cadence of beasts they might eat. Gatherers fashioned tools and made things grow. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, made community around the fire. The...

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Visual Art’s New Frontier

Artist Jeffrey Gibson explores populist themes through native aesthetics in his show, Jeffrey Gibson: Like A Hammer, now on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, Mississippi.

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